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Everything here is on point though blame should be shifted upward to some degree. Last summer’s confusing change of strategy seemed like it came from higher up the organizational ladder than Hennigan. When the Ibaka move went down I was on vacation with my extended family. Wife, kids, parents, and brothers with their families. None of us liked the move. Not one single person. Why give up on Oladipo? Why give up on Harris prior to that? Why do they send assets out the door for pennies on the dollar? Martins and ownership are as much of a problem as Hennigan.

Payton to me is a good player. He has potential. I have seen games where he out played Lillard for instance. Obviously the shot needs to improve as does the free throw attempts. Would be interesting to see what he could do in lineups that weren’t out of the 80s. A point guard without a consistent 3 point shot needs to have teammates that help create space. Gordon needs to play the 4.

Why sign Biyombo if you don’t have a deal in place to move Vucevic? As little sense as it made spending money on Biyombo in a vacuum. It made much less spending it on him when you had just paid Vucevic. Unless you had a deal in place to move him. I find myself saying that type of thing after every move they make. There has to be something else in the works because this doesn’t make any sense. Only there isn’t anything. As someone who has watched the Magic since they became a franchise. I have to agree that this is the worst season in its history. I couldn’t even get myself to watch much after the first month or so.

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