There are plenty of things in every nation that taxpayer money goes to pay for that someone doesn’t…
Liz Smith

Fairly good point though with wars the money is being spent in our (alleged) collective interests as a nation. Even if we disagree with the justification for that war it is being fought for us(people always do object even in wars we look back and think of as justified like WW2). In regards to abortion no collective interest is being served and women do not need tax payer provided abortions to have autonomy over their bodies. They don’t need abortion at all for that in 99% of circumstances. There are consent laws in regards to sex and birth control is both cheap(free in some places) and widely available. I am not trying to argue that abortion should be outlawed, just pointing out some things which are obviously true.

Then there is the direct conflict with using tax payer funds and the original justification that legalized abortion to begin with. That justification was one of privacy. The claim was that abortion is a heart wrenching decision that a women should make with her loved ones and doctor. That it isn’t anyone else’s business. It is a compelling argument, but one that becomes basically impossible to make when you are demanding assistance from tax payers. You can’t both demand privacy and demand that others pay for something. Freedom and responsibility go hand and hand. If we are to be free to make our own choices in life we have to be prepared to pay for them.

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