A Defense of Climate Tragedy, or What the Scientists Got Wrong about “The Uninhabitable Earth”
Genevieve Guenther

Hyperbole makes people stop paying attention to you. Especially when you are projecting into the future as far as you are. Nothing is a constant over that length of time. 100 years ago if you would have told people the size of our cities they would have questioned how you would have solved the problem with moving them around. The expectation would be that there would be mountains of horse manure to deal with.

There is no reason to believe that environmental impacts won’t be reduced in the future just as they have in the past. If you look at measures in regards to air quality and other real measures of pollution things are much cleaner today than they were 30 years ago.

Much of the information that you cite has been discredited. Hurricane activity is actually way down. We don’t need activists trying to scare people and spreading more misinformation. We already have enough of that in the self interested billionaires like Al Gore that have made unimaginable dollars promoting this. What we need is objective research. Clear eyes showing us the real costs. The claim that this threatens us as a species is complete and utter ignorance. We have people living on all continents even Antarctica.