If contraceptives are really so ‘cheap’, then why are we complaining about it, especially when even…
Mateo D

I don’t care much about it either way honestly. It is the hyperbole of those who claim that they would be denied access to birth control if their employer provided healthcare plan failed to pay for it. I take similar issue with employers that claim that their religious liberties are being denied by having to pay for health insurance that covers those items. People wanting to be cheap skates could result in them claiming offense to most anything.

The larger problem is the hyper partisan environment that now exists where every disagreement has to be treated as their own side being the one of the angels versus the demons on the other side. Another problem is the way we run health insurance through employers which was the result of tax policy favoring that. Why not just pay the employees all of their compensation as a wage and then allow them to get their own insurance and retirement plan?

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