Well, I would possibly argue that it is in the collective interest if a woman is unable/unwilling…
Liz Smith

I don’t necessarily think they should be shut out either. I think that due to the controversial nature of abortion though that you should do it without public funds. Why cant they pick up the bill with private donations? Private charity funds a great many things in the US. Why coop people into something they strongly object to when you don’t need to?

As far as the kids being a burden on society. There is a very long waiting list to adopt young kids. The ones that end up being a burden on the state are generally older. Would be adoptive parents see them as a problem others have created by raising them wrong(whatever that means).

The number of abortions that occur is appalling in a general sense given the fact that our two countries at this point in time are generally the most affluent nations the world has ever seen at anytime. We lose sight of that at times though it is true. Despite that in the US there are generally more than a million abortions performed each year. As a society human beings are our most valuable resource. Though we certainly struggle at times to develop that resource and much of it goes to waste. Aborting so many before they are born is ultimately a drain on our society even if it can look like a positive in the short run.

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