The Caucasian Invasion Of Racial Justice Spaces
The DiDi Delgado

I find it interesting that someone who is so easy offended when it comes to matters of race attacks other groups of people as a race. There seems to be this kind of group oppression shaming that goes on today that is frankly bizarre. Historically speaking everyone living their life in the US in 2017 has it pretty amazing. Now some groups may have it more amazing than others to be sure.

The author quoted someone who actually made a good point. That an activist should suffer some for their activism. Where is that today? It is non-existent unless you are talking about destroying other people property or blocking traffic. Which in those cases it has to be punished because you are harming or potentially harming others. Today’s “activists” don’t suffer, they preen. This group is too white, too male, etc… In reality that sort of mentality is the problem. Who acts that way in their normal lives. You meet someone and say well I have too many friends that look like you already, sorry.

The groups you are going after probably deserve criticism, but the way you are going about it is wrong. If you read an article by an author of another race who spoke of race as you do you would probably consider them to be a racist. This just in white people are the people you need to win over. It seems like a pretty poor strategy to say that white people as a group do stupid things. How would you react if a white person lumped you in with various black groups that made stupid decisions? Probably not in a positive way I would bet.