So I’m trying to grasp your argument because it seems as if you are confusing sex and gender…
Cori Dee

It is amusing that you want to believe that I am the confused one here. Human beings are male and female regardless of what they identify with. Sex and gender have been synonymous for most of human history. I am aware of the effort now to change the definition, but it seems to be confusing people.

There was a news story of a man being pregnant not that long ago only you read the story and this “man” was born a woman and only looks male due to cosmetic surgery. So really it was a woman who was pregnant. Which is the point. Even if you are born a female and identify as male you are biologically female still. Any reasonable definition that we use to classify someone using male and female labels will result in labeling someone who can have kids as female.

The problem is the terminology. Cosmetics don’t make you that sex. We wouldn’t call someone wearing blackface an African American. While I would personally refer to people as they wished it is something else entirely to label them inaccurately on government records or in regards to government policy which is the issue of the day.