Hi Austin, it seems like you’re asking 101 Googleable questions which don’t relate AT ALL to the…
Shannon Pitts

Lots of faulty accusations there lets review a few things.

You say the article is some kind of conversation between trans people. The article appeared in my feed with the Medium app. The author claims that the Trump administration defining gender as binary erases them and others. If actions of our federal government are indeed doing this to people then why would this simply be a conversation between trans people? What would that accomplish?

So what I did was laid out how I perceive the situation. You can agree with those thoughts or disagree and attempt to point out where I am wrong. You implied that I was basically a moron and that Google held all the answers.

Kind of a strange response. Gender/sex have pretty specific definitions scientifically speaking and those involve biological function. No human being has ever been able to both become pregnant and impregnate another. While there have been and are human beings that have both sets of genitalia there are no human beings that have had both of them be functional biologically. Which is why gender/sex is binary. You are either male or female biologically speaking.

Google isn’t going to dispute the above. It might offer up some new definition of gender, but isn’t the same thing.

Regardless of that it is still unclear how the actions of the Trump administration “erases” anyone. Are there adults now in this country that act like overly dramatic children if they don’t like something? As I mentioned before what isn’t binary in human beings is our minds. Nothing they are doing changes that. None of what they are doing makes any kind of sexual assault ok.