Why I Believe in Universal Healthcare
Jenny Nicholson

Lots of sympathy for what you and your mother went through. What is universal healthcare though? It is a term used by politicians to describe something in the abstract. They want us to believe that it means that everyone will get the best care possible regardless of their ability to pay. How does that work in the real world though? Can we all have teams of doctors that look after us? Will it put us in situations where we don’t have heart attacks and other problems?

Our current system is one where we all send money to third parties to pay for our healthcare. About half of that is private companies and half of that is the government. They then do their best to dole it out to us. Deciding from afar what they will cover. Virtually nothing changes by making 100% of the third party the government and calling it universal coverage. If anything in that scenario the third party becomes less accountable. The government will at least regulate insurance companies. Who regulates the government if they have total control of something? Look at the way the VA system has treated veterans.

Universal coverage is at best misleading and at worst a complete lie. A government analyst would say your mother was covered because Medicaid picked up the bill in the end.

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