Why making fun of Brett Kavanaugh’s tears was never going to block the confirmation
Sophia Boutilier

Mocking his emotional response to him facing outrageous allegations with no evidence publicly that embarrassed him and his family was revealing. It put the lie to any claim that those mocking him had that they desired to find the truth. If you care about what happened then you are interested in how people respond. You have empathy for both parties because what happened is mostly unknown.

The vindictive way that people responded to him showed a complete lack of empathy. They hated him because Trump nominated him, that he appeared to be some stereotype of “privilege”, he is a man, he is white, or whatever other reasons people create to hate someone they don’t know. You can believe him or not believe him though if you go through all the information the Senate released recently it is tough to go against him in my opinion.

Though again those mocking him don’t care about what happened. I have seen seemingly rational people say that everyone was lying except for Ford. The lack of self awareness in regards to people’s own biases is kind of alarming at times and that is true on all sides.