This is why racism persists:
Eve Moran

Racism persists because I claim that people aren’t responsible for what other people do that share their race? That is about as ignorant and short sighted as you can get. Though maybe you haven’t thought that much.

When a cop pulls over a black driver for no reason are they not holding things against them that others have done who share their race?How is it different when it comes to other racism? None of us are ultimately responsible for what others do, even if they happen to share our skin pigmentation.

As I stated before. All we can do is try to make our own world better. To set a better standard of behavior for others to follow. If someone was being racist in my presence I would correct them. I have no ability to read let alone change their thoughts though.

Your statement that my approach somehow enables racism or is somehow racist itself is everything that is wrong with modern discourse. You don’t bother to think something through, but don’t agree with me so you make the worst assumptions. Try approaching things with a more open mind. Closed minds are the problem.