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So it is the position of ThinkProgress that it is ok to steal money from future generations to pay for programs today? We wouldn’t allow a mom to buy food for the poor and charge it to her children. Why is it ok that we do that as a society? We spend more than any other country on education. Yet we aren’t top notch when it comes to results. Does taking money out of that inefficient system going to hurt it? It might but only if the powers that be want to that intentionally. That tends to be the way politics works on that kind of thing. When people are forced to make cuts they cut all the programs the public likes so that they feel the impact and are then willing to pay more. When are we going to say that is enough.

When it comes to the food stamp program spending on that program has exploded in recent years. It has doubled since 2008. This when “the poor” in the US are the most obese group of people in the history of mankind. So yeah cutting the program back some seems fine. Future generations will have things they need to pay for also. Lets stop stealing money from them to pay for these bloated programs.

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