The Progressive / Liberal Mind: Lost, Confused and a Strategic Failure
Andrew Markell

So much that is just off that I have to question what is deliberately so. Ideological divide isn’t a divide of good and evil it is more to do with differing perspectives. Both have their own blind spots. One sees the evils of too much power in government the other in too much power outside of it. Reality is that flawed human beings are the problem anytime any group has too much power. The left used to mock the right for seeing things so black and white. Just think about how human beings work. Even if one side started out as “good” it would be infiltrated by those people who want to be “good” by association and those that wanted to benefit themselves from the “good” label, etc…

From my perspective the left today is much more organized than the right. The problem the left has is that too many of the entrenched powers that be have a hardcore ideological approach. Like the hammer that sees every problem as a nail, today’s left sees every problem something that government can solve with a handout. Free healthcare, college, etc… are their solutions. The problem is that too many of those out in the real word understand that there is no such thing as free.

The way out for the left in this country is to come back to the center. Seek practical solutions that aren’t always socialistic ones. This could easily be done and the other side will help them certainly through their own mistakes. The problem though is the entrenched powers that be. You have to get rid of the old war horses and their out in the open corruption. That is easier said than done.

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