How The Graham-Cassidy Healthcare Bill Could Kill Me And Possibly Millions
Jeff Geragi🕵

Sorry for your condition, but your condition does not mean we have to be dishonest regarding the healthcare debate. The Republican plan wouldn’t have put you out on the street. Nor would it have killed millions. It is this sort of hyperbolic nonsense that poisons modern political debate.

Forcing healthy young people to pay more so people who are older and sick can pay less is what is being done here. You are masking that by substituting insurance companies, but they are only a third party in all of this. They are used because they are not popular or sympathetic. Though it is dishonest to use them because the money to pay for those already sick doesn’t come from their pockets. As I said before it comes from the pockets of healthy people. Specifically young adults. The group of people that have the least amount of income and wealth.

If you want to have an honest debate on this then explain why young people should pay more so you can pay less. Explain why people without insurance should be able to get insurance as soon as they become ill without penalty. If your argument is that health insurance companies should be forced to renew policies even for people that are ill I would agree. It is something different altogether to force them to accept new policies on sick people at rates the same as if they were healthy. When you start doing that it is no longer insurance. You are creating incentives for people to not get insurance until they are ill.

Your personal illness is anecdotal. Sure it is tragic, but people have stories that end up worse even when they have health insurance. Health insurance isn’t magic it is a method of paying for treatment and sharing the financial risk of getting ill. It did not save my cousin who was in her 40s and a mother of 3 from cancer. Tragic stories are going to happen even with the best care available. What we shouldn’t do though is allow these tragic stories to mischaracterize the debate in regards to healthcare.

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