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The country is so polarized at this point that people can rarely discuss things rationally. Both sides have done a good job of demonizing the other to the point where the two sides won’t even acknowledge the other side’s actual point in a debate. Wanting to cut government spending on programs like food stamps is wanting people to starve even when the poor are the most obese group of people in the history of mankind according to data. Wanting abortion to be legal is just a desire to kill babies.

We can’t have honest debates and get better outcomes if people cannot be honest about the other side having a legitimate point of view. If you believe that the other side isn’t legitimate then you have been manipulated into the self serving game that politicians play. They play that game because when the other side is the devil you don’t care about the sins of your “champion”. Who cares if Hillary is corrupt, we need her because she has the best chance to win. Who cares that Trump is an SOB, Hillary is so corrupt. So we hold our noses and vote. If you don’t think that that produces bad outcomes then ponder how in a nation of 310+ million people. With all kinds of talent that has made the nation the most affluent nation in the history of humankind, that Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton were our final two choices to lead us.