Men Who Try To Kill Me
Kiva Bay

The Health bill doesn’t force you to pay more or treat domestic abuse as a pre-existing condition. It does potentially allow some things to be counted as pre existing conditions, but it also sets up high risk pools back stopped by tax payers to help lower premiums there.

So either you are confused about what is happening and are allowing others to misinform you and use you as a political prop or you are willfully doing the same. Neither of which is helpful to the larger discussion about what we should be doing with healthcare.

The GOP is not making you a victim. If anything they help fight for your right to more tools, like a gun, to help empower you in regards to your abuser. It’s a terrible story and I am sympathetic. Just don’t allow other people who don’t care at all about you to use you as their political prop. Nothing has changed in regards to your insurance as of yet.