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“The other, more extreme possibility is that Hannah makes the most irresponsible decision of her many, many irresponsible decisions and decides to keep the baby.”

So this fictional character who is imperfect and immature gets pregnant and the most extreme possibility is for her to have and keep the child!?!?!? A child is better off dead than to have Hannah as its mother?!?!?

I am not looking to get into a philosophical discussion here on abortion. Though one thing should be clear to all. Short of a mother continuing a pregnancy in which the result is likely lethal to her, abortion is the most extreme outcome/choice/decision. It is better to be alive with a questionable parent than to be dead. Plus who knows. Sometimes people need an excuse to pull their life together. Hannah wouldn’t be the first who did so because of a child. Though I would be surprised if that is the direction the show goes in from what we have seen thus far.

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