Together, The Left And Right Can Kill The Establishment Propaganda Machine
Caitlin Johnstone

The terms left and right get tossed around too much in modern politics. Left and right has always been a bad device for indicating political beliefs. Those types of beliefs are much more complicated. Most of my views for instance would be considered right wing. Though my reasons for limiting government are because of human nature and the corruptibility of human beings. When you give the government power you are giving human beings power. “The left” can see the fallibility when it comes to government power when that power is the police, but fail to see it in the bureaucracy and politicians where “the right” has the opposite problem.

Political news coverage is a disaster zone because we have turned politics into sports. Both parties have successfully demonized the other side to such an extent that we have basically eliminated public debate on issues. For example instead of seeing abortion as a complicated subject that weighs the rights of pregnant women against the lives of unique human beings and the difficulty there is in striking the right balance there. We instead simplify it to baby killers versus those who desire to oppress women. The winner of all this are those in power. Instead of holding our leaders accountable and demanding more we hold our nose because we need someone, anyone who can defeat the other side. The result of that is worse for all of us in the end. Individuals controlling our political parties who see issues simply as means to gathering more power for themselves, not anything they have any intention in solving.

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