Mike Pence’s dinner rule would stop female journalists from doing their jobs
Helen Joyce

This type of thing seemed silly to me before I had a wife and kids. Now that I have them I can understand it. By keeping other women at an arms length there isn’t any possibility of having an emotional attachment develop. Said that way it seems kind of cold, but that is how those things start. So why open that door if you don’t have to?

I can understand the frustration for a journalist, but how many times is a governor or Vice President having a one on one dinner with someone? That is all he is talking about. I don’t know about the author or her situation, but it would seem very strange for me to leave my family on business, travel to exotic locations. Then have one on one meals with a member of the opposite sex where we both have drinks. You reach a point where there is what is necessary for work and what you might just want to do. I think by contrast Pence’s position seems reasonable.

No, no honey you stay home with the kids while I travel and mingle, drink and do whatever “for my job”. Seems like a recipe for trouble to me.

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