Yeah, that’s why it’s done around the world, and the US system is terrible compared to other…
Sammy Kayes

Universal healthcare as some on the left are selling it isn’t done anywhere. Out of pocket costs in most countries with so called universal healthcare is higher on average than the US. Government healthcare programs deny claims just as private insurers do. In fact in some countries they will deny you treatment simply because you are obese or you smoke.

As I mentioned before when private insurers deny claims you have a recourse through the government or our court system. When it is the government denying your claim you have no recourse. You are at their mercy. To dispute any of that is to simply deny reality.

Those pushing a single payer system here want to pretend that everyone will be treated for every possible circumstance and for little to no cost to them. It doesn’t take much to understand that that simply can’t be the case. Are you honestly claiming otherwise?