Hello Austin,
Mayci Hicks Namio

Very good and thanks for following up. Climate change is like any modern issue involving human beings. You have both good and bad people on both sides. The loudest voices in fact are often the worst actors. When they say they want the issue addressed they mean they want government money to help their company or the government to look the other way in regards to their impact. Which is why I think it is important that we get the specifics right in regards to what we know and what we don’t. That we handle different opinions respectfully.

Human history has shown us the human tendency of treating or judging people in an almost binary fashion. You are either for us or against. You are a true believer or a heretic. That type of thinking is unhealthy. It is precisely the type of thinking that the bad actors count upon though. I can see that type of thing all over and it leads us to worse decisions collectively.

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