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While the person who taunted Adam Jones certainly said things that were racist I don’t know that this is a racism problem per say. There are people these days who will say almost anything in an attempt to bother other people. To them nothing is out of bounds. Wishing death on a parent, spouse or even child. If that kind of stuff is on the table to someone then anything is. They are hoping to offend you and get a reaction. Which is why how we react to it is strange to me. Kind of a poor Adam Jones. Adam Jones is a rich man and some idiots words should have no effect on him. Pretty sure he is aware of his skin color. Why should a century plus old put down based on that have any effect on him? We defeat this kind of behavior by at least pretending that it doesn’t bother us. The standing ovation that the Boston crowd gave Adam Jones the next game was a nice touch though.

In regards to the author, blaming all white people for racism is like blaming all black, Hispanic, etc.. people for something they have no control over. It is pretty foolish and in this case only done as a way to make the author feel better about himself. Hey look I will call out myself and those who look like me. You see I care. The problem with that though is that people don’t do things collectively. No matter what I do personally there are billions of other people out there acting independently that I have no influence over. Blaming me for anyone’s actions because we share skin pigmentation is rather idiotic. It would be obviously so to the author if we flipped the races around.