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Why do the proponents of a failed ideology persist in calling that ideology “progressive”? Why is the leader and voice of the Democrat party someone who doesn’t call himself a Democrat, doesn’t seem to have accomplished anything other than getting people to vote for him, etc? Bernie Sanders didn’t have a job until he was 40. Then he was somehow elected as mayor of his town.

Though focusing on Bernie is kind of a mistake because it is the message/ideology that is flawed. The world just doesn’t work the way Bernie seems to think it does. Lets give everyone, everything for free. Ok how do we pay for it? Who provides it?

Why should college be free when those who go make more money as a result? The cause of tuition hikes is all of the government money that is available. They know that students can and will take out loans. How else could the costs be going up when in reality it is getting easier and easier to educate people due to technology? So the problem of too much government money in something is going to be solved if we put even more government money into it? That is laughable.