What White People Will Tell Me About Charlottesville
Maisha Z. Johnson

Wonder what the author’s response would be to an article that called out people of her race. White people don’t face racism as much because they are in the majority. So they are less likely to recognize it. Though because they don’t face it they are less likely to attribute things that have nothing to do with race to race either. Nobody sees the world with 20/20 vision. Though seldom so people seem to recognize this when others see it differently. They cant be right, you are so let’s insult their whole race.

People as a whole should do less preaching and more listening. Listening to voices of reason even if they aren’t saying things that you agree with 100%. If you feel the need to take on a whole race of people on something I am willing to bet that you haven’t been listening enough to understand their perspective. A different perspective doesn’t make them right or wrong. Though you should learn to at least respect it if you want them to respect yours.

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