The Constant Battle Over What Makes a Good Relationship
Tracy Moore

Yikes. Sex is great and while you will have sex with your spouse thousands of times over the years there is all that time when you aren’t having sex also. Its a factor, but hardly the only factor which should be obvious. Planning a future, paying bills, raising kids, losing jobs, starting new careers, etc… It is probably helpful to actually like the person you are experiencing all of that with.

Your complaints seem like the juvenile concerns of college age women who for whatever reason often pick men outside of their circle of friends to date/hook up with. Then wonder why they don’t stick around. I singled out women there only because I have never heard of a man sticking a woman in the “friend zone” though I am sure it is happens. Men certainly do more than their own share of dumb things in relationships. Most of the men who are put in that zone are there because they respected themselves and you too much to “go for it” right away. Something to think about.