White People: I Want You To Understand Yourselves Better
Ijeoma Oluo

You call people racists and then eliminate their ability to respond, how brave of you. Racism did not elect Donald Trump. Blatant corruption in regards to the other major candidate did. People shouting at other people that they are racists for no reason did. While it is true that the world is not color blind it does try to be for the most part. It thinks it is for the most part which can be frustrating to be sure. Though what can you do about that? The people who need to be reached in regards to that will never be reached by this sort of piece. You are asking people to not obsess about race while you seem to be doing that yourself.

Control what you can control. Don’t take offense to other people’s thoughts or whatever you imagine those thoughts to be. Why get offended at someone else’s ignorance? You are letting them control you when you do. Don’t accuse people of being racists if you want to change their minds. People read that and immediately get defensive. Good luck.

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