Are Computer Glasses Right For Your Kids?

By enhancing your children’s lenses with a digital block coating, you are actively helping them from becoming one of the other 90% of Americans who are reported to suffer from Computer Vision Syndrome yearly. The “digital block coating” is a powerful lens coating that is designed to counteract negative emissions from computers, cell phones, tablets — digital devices that your child comes into contact with on a daily basis. These emissions are linked with not only early onset myopia but, put your child at risk of developing Computer Vision Syndrome.

School is already hard enough — Why should your child be susceptible to additional and unnecessary stressors?

Do your kids send text messages?

…and do your children text while watching TV? Harsh lighting from simultaneous use of one, two or even three screened devices can tire your child’s eyes out. The “digital block” lens coating is designed to help your child’s eyes adjust to harsh lighting so their eyes won’t tire when they’re texting their friends about yesterday’s pop quiz.

Do they watch more than 2 hours of TV nightly?

Two hours of “screen time” is by no means dangerous, but according to a recent report the average child actually spends around 6 hours daily on screened devices- whether at school or at home. Lenses that are protected with a digital block coating, allow your children to stay focused and relaxed whether it’s during computer class or while they unwind.

Do your children fill their weekends playing video games?

Intense gaming involves intense concentration which translates to your child over-focusing their eyes on small, hard-to-see areas which are known to cause headaches and eye-strain. The specially designed digital block lenses are made to help your child’s eyes adjust easily to harsh lighting, which will let them game in peace for hours.

How long are they on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or Snapchat daily?

Most kids do not realize how much time they are actually spending in front of their phones and are therefore likely to develop blurred vision. The digital block layering acts as an anti-reflective device which effectively counteracts harmful blue-ray emissions.

So if you’re thinking about getting glasses, shop now. It’s just a click away.