Advanced Techniques in Glass to Achieve Noise Cancellation and Privacy

The constant damping sound of the heavy traffic, the continuous stream of cars and barking dogs, even the soothing sound of chirping birds is more than enough to distract you and break your concentration. In the developing country like India, construction sites can be seen around every corner. The noise from machineries are more than enough to keep you awake in the night.

The old and tested parental techniques like using heavy steel doors and windows for stopping the outside noise does not only reduces the aesthetics of the place but are not helpful in blocking the noise. People are not fully aware about the concept of laminated glass in India, which are very helpful in reducing noise to a huge level.

It not only provides beautiful aesthetics and solutions that caters to our day-to-day problems but also creates peaceful and captivating environment.

The modern and creative glass solutions have changed the perspective of people towards glass. The material considered being used for providing beautiful aesthetics is now fulfilling the purposes like security and noise reduction. Glass solutions like smart glass available in India does not only provide the best and beautiful solution to your interiors but comes with the ease of installation.

Laminated glass and smart glass are intelligently made glass solutions providing sound proof glass provide durability, high performance and multifunctional benefits which attains an acoustically stable and peaceful environment.

Safeguarding the building interiors against noise has now become a major design criterion, due to the rapid increase in road and air traffic and the development of the urban motorways. To maintain the privacy factor in any office or home environment is the key factor to be kept in mind while designing a building. People are paying more just to achieving the essential requirements of privacy and peace.

Soundproof windows and doors not only helps in blocking the outside noise but also maintain the privacy with the help of integrated blinds and vie control films. The remote controlled integrated blinds can be installed in partitions, skylight, study rooms and windows to block the view.

These requires zero maintenance and are available in different shapes and size like Venetian, roller and pleated. The same goes for the view control films used for changing appearance from transparent to translucent. It restricts the visibility from different angles and helps maintaining the privacy.

With the advancing technology glass has changed the thinking by changing its image of being the decorative item to a strong and durable material finding application in almost every office, home, shops and even in the fitness centers. Glass has made its way up in the market because of various features like laminated glass with double layer protection not only from theft but also from brakeage.

There are various other features of glass which could be of help in all the sectors like:

· The energy efficient glass helps capturing the natural sunlight and save a lot on electricity bill.

· Helpful in keeping the infrared heat out and absorbing the optimum light. Keeping the ambience warm in the midst of a freezing winters.

· Combining the laminated glass with the view control film not only creates an aesthetically pleasing environment but also help maintaining privacy.

· Solution like acoustic glass provides 50–60% noise reduction allowing you to continue your work peacefully.

· The double layered glass sealed with primary or secondary sealant reduces noise up to 30Db, perfect fit for offices and education centers.

Apart from the improving the aesthetics and creating safe and secure environment, glass is fully capable of guarding against intrusion like burglary and theft.

Playing various roles in the market glass is contributing in helping people overcome the threat from noise by reducing the outside noise which is underestimated and can cause detrimental health problems which is very common in every area now a days.

Glass solutions has found application in most interiors and is effectively delivering the best result by rendering the suitable benefits of being both aesthetic and vigorous, maintaining the association between the outside and inside world while successfully creating a boundary between private space and the public domain.

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