Stylish decor ideas for hotels and resorts

Hectic schedules have made getaways and vacations an absolute necessity. Families and friends can be found scheduling trips from a quick weekend to an extended stay. This has also led to the emergence of several hotels and resorts in every city.

Now, these resorts may differ based on location or budgets, but need to be similar in terms of comfort and style. Even simple BnB’s these days are looking at modern solutions to attract customers. For people taking a respite from their daily schedules, comfort and aesthetics have become an essential criterion while selecting their hotel or resort.

Modern décor with pleasing designs also add to the overall experience of the guest. For establishments in the hospitality industry, this is crucial as it can lead to repeat business. Adding elegance and style to every hotel is modern glass solutions that are aesthetic and functional.

Stylising hotels and resorts with glass

The versatile nature of glass enables this material to be customised in different ways for use in various purposes.

Lacquered glass: This colourful glass solution works wonders to add a bit of colour and style to resorts. As it is extremely durable and sturdy, resorts don’t need to worry about constant repair or replacement. This glass solution works wonders as table tops, cabinet doors and even shelves in the bathroom. Resorts can add some bright and colourful interiors with lacquered glass that give rooms a contemporary look.

An innovative solution for this glass use is in the pantry. Almost every room in hotels and resorts offers a mini tea and coffee section for guests. The glass used here is often spilled with hot water or has condensation circles which can be tough to clean. With lacquered glass, these concerns are completely obviated.

Frosted glass: Guests coming to relax on a vacation look for luxurious comfort with privacy. A frosted glass door on the bathroom is perfect for aesthetics with privacy. This door allows for light transference and cohesiveness in the unit, without reducing privacy.

Additionally, the bathrooms earlier in budget hotels were always a cause for concern. Dingy spaces with old shower curtains would put off most guests living there. With modern and affordable glass solutions, luxury and style have become possible for everyone.

A frosted glass shower cubicle can instantly elevate the room while also enabling easy maintenance. This glass door offers inhabitants privacy with a luxurious feel. In addition, an encased glass cubicle restricts water spills outside, unlike a basic shower curtain. This helps keep the bathroom clean and neat.

Stained glass: Before customers can enjoy the comfort of the room, they need to be attracted to your hotel to register. A well designed lobby with modern decors is essential for this. With Delhi emerging as a leading city for social and business meetings, the growth of hotels here have been tenfold. With so many options in one area, hotel owners are constantly looking for innovative ways to distinguish themselves.

A trendy and soothing option for such establishments is through stained glass solutions in Delhi. Available in a range of soothing colours and designs, this glass solution can revamp your interiors. It also helps create a positive and bright atmosphere in the lobby, encouraging footfall. Additionally, when used in interior windows, this glass offers privacy and aesthetics for guests.

Etched glass: There may be spaces where resorts or hotels look for aesthetic solutions without colour. These can be on tables, furniture or even as partitions. However, a plain glass installed here looks too simple. In such a case, etched glass solutions work perfectly. This glass consists of an artistic design etched on the glass which adds to the décor without being too obvious. The design can be customised as per the customer’s preferences from a simple pattern to an intricate design, or even the company logo.

Thus, modern glass solutions can help change the décor of any hotel or resort to make it more appealing. Every establishment can revamp their interiors based on their budget with the help of this versatile material. Luxury, style and privacy are no longer limited to high-end hotels but available for every property in the hospitality industry. For more information on how you can change your resort interiors, please contact a leading glass manufacturer in your city.

Content Source: Glasxperts