Use the versatility of glass solutions in your windows

Window systems are great aesthetic and functional avenues in every home. What was once simply a routine architectural element constructed in every space, windows have now become a critical part of one’s décor. A large part of this can be attributed to modern glass solutions that allow for this aspect to be designed in a trendy and stylish manner. In addition, the versatility of this building material ensure that there are suitable qualities for every requirement.

Window systems can be large or small, based on where they are located. Further, the nature of the space in which they are installed has a he bearing on its functional requirements. These can range from residences, offices, malls, retails, hotels, hospitals and many others. Based on one’s requirement, glass windows can be customised to offer several qualities. Some of the glass solutions commonly used in window systems include:

Frosted glass: This glass is perfect in places where one requires privacy without blocking the light such as lower ground floors. Frosted glass is a foggy looking opaque glass solution that protects the privacy of the interior space from prying eyes. However, unlike traditional materials like wood or concrete, it does not block out the light while doing so, enabling one to revel in the bright sunlight without compromising on privacy.

Tempered glass: A perfect solution where security is a prime concern, tempered glass for home windows is an aesthetic and strong window solution. This heat-strengthened glass is almost 5 times stronger than normal glass and is almost impossible to be broken into. Also known as toughened glass windows, these windows are perfect in every space where security is a concern. An added benefit of this glass window is the safety feature. By accident, if this glass window does beak, it does not come apart in long, sharp pieces that can injure someone but rather crumbles into tiny round pieces.

Energy efficient glass: For individuals that dread the summer months due to the harsh glare of the sun, this glass window is the ideal fit. Blocking out the heat while allowing for the bright sunlight, these glass windows work wonders to make your interiors comfortable. In addition, these heat-reflecting glasses also help retain the indoor heat during winters, protecting you from the winter chill and keeping your space warm and cosy. The addition of a slight tint to these glass windows can also help control the amount of sunlight allowed in as well which is a tremendous respite during months when the sunlight is quite intense.

Sound proof glass: Any individual living or working in a commercial area can know how distressing it can be to be surrounded with constant noise. Not only does this severely affect one’s mental peace but can also hamper productivity and efficiency. With sound proof glass windows, individuals can block out all unwanted sound and retain the tranquillity of their space. Here, it is important to note that the amount of sound blocked will depend largely on the type of window chosen.

Coloured and design glass: These windows fit perfectly with the contemporary and trendy lot. Available in a range of colours and designs, these glass windows can enhance your décor and instantly transform your space. Individuals can also opt for custom designs in the form of glass etchings or theme colours for a truly unique look.

Thus, no matter what space your window may be installed in, there is a glass solution available to meet every needs. Constant innovation in the field of architecture and design enable the use of modern and flexible solutions like glass windows that are cost-effective and eco-friendly. No longer does one need to rely on wood or concrete to secure and insulate their home by compromising on aesthetics. With glass windows, both these aspects are met in a cohesive and stunning manner.

A reputed glass manufacturer in your locality can help guide you on all important aspects and advice you on the correct glass types for each window based on need and location. Be sure that you opt for a professional and experienced company that can offer you a complete set of services from consultation, design selection, installation and fitting to after-care and maintenance services.

Content Source: Glasxperts