Curiosity and Employee Engagement!

Photo by Martin Parr

When work culture, professional development, organizational change, and future of work became interesting topics for me, I started searching for valuable information online. Officevibe is one of the websites I was introduced to. And I didn’t even know that that they were based in Montreal! I learned a lot from their articles and expanded my knowledge.

Two years later, Glee Factor is honoured to receive Alison Robins as one of the guest speakers of Curiosity conference. She is the Content Marketing Specialist at Officevibe, so she is the mind behind some of this amazing information. I asked her if she had ever written an article on curiosity. She said she hadn’t, but she shared an article which I found extremely relevant to the topic of curiosity.

The article is titled “9 Unique Ways to Improve Employee Engagement” and I was quite surprised when I read it. Most of the alternative options Officevibe and Alison have shared somehow touch the topic of curiosity and continuous learning for professional development.

Here are some of them:

1) Promote Lunch and Learns to Share Knowledge

Isn’t it great that — besides having your healthy lunch — you can learn about an interesting topic? And no, we are definitely not talking about the suppliers’ lunch and learn with unhealthy pizza! This is more like a conversation that provides food for thought.

2) Encourage Volunteering

Volunteering is an effective way for professionals not only to learn and feed their curiosity, but also to give back to their communities. With a tight personal and professional schedule, what better time to plan these activities than at work?

3) Inspire Creative Thinking With Group Offsites

These activities are definitely Glee Factor’s favourite. How often does your team leave the office to work, grow, and learn in a different environment? Aren’t we even more efficient in a new atmosphere? As Officevibe suggests, offsites are crucial to increase employee engagement.

4) Offer the Opportunity to Work Remotely

What if you are travelling or having personal projects to take care of? Having the option to work while accomplishing your other projects is a key factor to stay engaged. As a generation, Millennials are shifting from the work-life balance concept to the work-life integration framework. It is essential that companies offer the option to work remotely so that the new generation can keep learning and gathering new experiences not only in their spare time, but also while working.

5) Help Them Reach Personal and Professional Goals

Development is the most important factor in efficiently retaining the new generation in the workforce. And development doesn’t simply mean some skills to lead you to the next step in your career. Young professionals are searching for skills that can be transferrable between their personal and professional lives. What’s better than to help them set the right goals?

6) Encourage Side Projects and Curiosity

All the other points are indirectly linked to curiosity and continuous learning, but this one is a direct invitation. Companies need to provide opportunities and time for their employees to work on their side projects and nurture their sense of curiosity.

You can find more details in the original article.