Shaun the Sheep — Spoiler Free movie Review

From the poster, you can tell that this animated movie is a step away from the family summer fare so far of the brilliant Inside Out and the disappointing Minions.

So what will this one be?

Brought to you by the makers of Chicken Run, you might be expecting a story of talking sheep this time instead of talking chickens.

You would be wrong.

If they communicate but they are sheep. Their communication involves a lot of eye contact and gestures.

In fact there is no discernible dialogue in this… the humans speak in a style somewhat similar to miss Othmar (Of peanuts fame)

And you understand the whole thing.

With this communication style you have to actually watch the movie to get it… but that is worthwhile as the movie is a lot of fun.

As a parent, if you go to the animated movies, there is a wide spectrum from those that stimulate the mind and are enjoyable without children (inside out, most Pixar films, Shrek) and those that are ao bad you leave the theatre feeling a little dumber (I’m looking at you YuGiOh)

This movie lands between the middle of the pack and the first group.

My 9 year old laughed out loud on several occasions and she really enjoyed it. I found it a fun ride and I’m glad I saw it in the theatres.