The Gift — Spoiler Free Movie Review

When this uber creepy psychological thriller ended, I stood up, walked out through the late night dark parking lot, climbed in my car and immediately locked the door.

This movie creeped me out.

It felt like Fatal Attraction (in feel, not plot necessarily… no spoilers here).

Also, a factor that I believe enhanced the experience for me was that I went from a broiling hot day to a large dark air conditioned theatre… the environment of seeing this in a big black box increases the tension in the same way it enhanced the Blair Witch Project.

It had solid performers from a good lead and supporting cast.

The pacing was good. The plot decent ( with a few moments that were a little too convenient ).

Kudos to the filmmakers for the cinematography… I spent the movie looking over everyone’s shoulders… you know just in case.

It isn’t perfect and I doubt it will stand up to a rewatch as the less you know about this the better, but it is a really good movie, and I think a vast dark air cooled theatre will enable a better experience than a cozy, distracted, pauseable viewing on Netflix.

This movie should be seen on the big screen… enjoy.