The Man from UNCLE — Spoiler free movie review

When you watch post 2000 Bond movies, you see incredibly intense action and a pretty aggressive pace.

In contrast, if you go back to the James Bond movies of the 60's like from Russia With love or Goldfinger, you seems fascinating espionage romp at a substantially slower pace.

It was during these 60's the we were given The Man from UNCLE (a TV show I admit I have never seen)

This movie reboot of the TV show feels very much like those early Connery Bond films in its pacing, with infused intense new millennia fight sequences.

There are lots of reasons to suspect that this movie is not worth your time… no A list actors… in fact even questionable B Listers here in a movie based on a TV show you couldn’t care less about that the studio didn’t think was good enough to release at the beginning of the summer…you will likely pass up on this to see Mission Impossible instead…

And that would be a mistake.

While MI is a great spy film and my favourite movie this summer, Man from UNCLE is just a lot of fun.

All the characters are well portrayed. The lead female is no damsel in distress. The villain is significant and really well done.

I enjoyed the story and felt engaged the whole way through.

This is a very stylish campy fun film. It’s definitely worth the night out.