On Military Advice to Civilians
jason criss howk

General Ridgeway was the Army Chief of Staff to a President who had been a five-star general… Your advise would be heard and if not entirely accepted who could argue with a man of Ike’s military experience.

Methinks a better example of what should be done is that of Air Force Chief of Staff, General Ronald Fogleman. General Fogleman resigned from his position over differences of who should be held responsible for the bombing of the Khobar Towers.

“I do not want the institution to suffer and I am afraid it will if I am seen as a divisive force and not a team player,” Gen. Ronald R. Fogleman, the Air Force chief of staff, said in a written statement.

This is what senior leaders must do. The article above aludes to Army Chief of Staff General Shinseki who told Congress that we would need about 300K soldiers to stabilize Iraq, a figure that SecDef Rumsfeld completely blew off. Instead of warming his chair as a figure-head for the next couple of years, General Shinseki should have resigned.

He finally learned the lesson when he resigned as Secretary of Veterans Affairs — instead of getting fired…