Dark matter faces its biggest challenge of all
Ethan Siegel

Conventional theory presumes gravity to be the dominant force at cosmological distances, though it cannot explain what gravity is… And this gravity only thought experiment initiated by Einstein leads to conceiving space and time as interchangeable mathematical constructs that are warped by gravity, which itself remains an unknown process. The whole mental construct is irreparably at odds with actual observation of the quantum scale. Cosmological maps of relative motion based on this view result in the need for further unobservable constructs of black holes, dark matter and dark energy to explain the observations of universal motion, which themselves are founded on the questionable presumption that the sole cause of of observed red shifts and blue shifts is the Doppler effect. The resulting maps of stringy connections of presumptive Dark Matter beg us to question the seemingly unspeakable presumption that charge separation and charge flow (electric current based phenomena such as dark, glow and discharge plasma modes) do not exist in the presumptive ‘vacuum’ of space. Conventional cosmologists still think and speak of ‘hot gas’ when they are observing plasma, leading to mechanistic thinking in terms of fluid dynamics when the phenomena are governed by electrodynamics… They still speak of solar wind, when the particles involved are charged, making it a solar current, which is known to accelerate as it moves away from the sun, a phenomenon only accounted for by an electric field, and completely contrary to dominance by gravitation… What if we start to think of those Dark Matter maps not as maps of additional gravitational force, but merely as force maps? What other force might hold sway at those cosmological scales? Well, we know there are magnetic fields in space, because they are directly observable. Conventional explanations use nonsensical hand waving terms to say they are ‘frozen in’ to space… Gee, I learned in High School Physics that magnetic fields are an inevitable result of current flow… And fields emitted from a linear source, such as an intergalactic Birkeland current fall off much more slowly than the inverse of distance squared, because they are from an extended source, not a spherical source, as is the case with gravity or electric charge on a celestial body (both of which have the exact same mathematics, leading to the possibility that they are functionally related)… Since electromagnetism is approximately 39 orders of magnitude more powerful than gravity, is it not likely that it is the dominant force we are looking for at cosmological distances, based on current between stars and galaxies and galaxy clusters and superclusters all of which tend to be aligned in strings along those ‘Dark Matter’ force fields and centered on Great Attractors? The article mentions condensation, and I think we will find more progress when we begin to think of celestial bodies as centered on coherence zones of condensed matter as in Bose-Einstein and other forms of condensates, rather than the same old unpredictive gas model of stars, which relies once again on gravity as the dominant force to make fusion occur at the core. There is no evidence to support this. In fact, compilation of imagery of the sun’s surface seen through sun spots shows stable mountain ranges in the solid surface. In my working model (The Clinical Theory of Everything) the sun is an electrified plasmsphere above a hot gas atmosphere, above a solid lithosphere, above a condensate coherence zone which receives galactic current throughput via its strong non-locality function. Those stringy ‘Dark Matter’ force fields needed to explain universal motions are long range magnetic attraction fields of intergalactic Birkeland currents. Galaxies and stars are Bennett or Z pinches in those currents intimately related with the superconducting properties of the Condensed matter coherence zones at their cores. ‘Black holes’ are indeed singularities, in this model, but only singularities of gravitational centering for the large Condensed matter coherence zones at those galactic centers, which are extended in space as spherical superfluid, superconducting bodies… The purpose for developing my Clinical Theory integrating Cosmological and Quantum scales is to explain and extend our understanding and implementation of biological and spiritual processes at the human scale, which lies at the center of those extremes. In fact, the central frequency between the extremes of our perception, the Planck scale and the Hubble sphere is approximately 10.75 Hz, which in this model is the center of the brain’s central rhythm, the alpha rhythm. It also corresponds to the resting rhythm of striated muscle, including the extra ocular muscles, which regulate oscillation of the retina, the body’s most powerful tissue dipole. Muscle is formed from the body’s deepest embryological tissue layer… If we look at the first octave harmonic frequency above this, 21.5 Hz is in the brain’s beta rhythm range, which is associated with active thinking, problem solving and stress… a survival response to a stressful environment, whether internal or external. Such a response is geared to shift the next tissue layer, which I call the Support system, including circulation and immunity, to respond to acute demands for fright, fight or flight… Interestingly, at the next octave resonance 43 Hz is the center of the Gamma brain wave frequencies associated with consciousness, and which relates to integration of the sensory, associative, linguistic, motor and planning areas of the cerebral cortex via the midbrain. Recent observations that myelination of these fibers shows multiple zones of alternating meylination and non-myelination, suggesting at least 2 additional octaves of functional resonance in this biocommunication schema… Myelin may serve a function of non-local biocommunication in both trans-spatial and transtemporal dimensions as well as across frequency domains… At 86 Hz, we see the center of the microsaccadic oculomotor activity, without which we become instantaneously blind. Finally, at 172 Hz we arrive at a resonant frequency of the mineral condensates (M-state minerals, ORMUS or ORME’s originally patented by David Hudson, but also used in advanced technology developments in the ‘black’ budget, hence the lack of a US patent despite acknowledged patentability of these transition minerals in a ‘high nuclear spin’ state exibiting quantum effects at macroscopic scales). This is the frequency that served as the metric standard for China and Tibet for a millenium, known as the thousand years of peace… The metric standard of this frequency was the only thing more highly valued than the person of the Emperor. It was known as the Dominant Harmonic Frequency of Nature… If you are interested in true healing and personal development, I invite you to contact me, or visit tryunity.net