Can you go from employment to Entrepreneur?

So here is a short blog post on Entrepreneurship, and what it takes to be an Entrepreneur. I recently (about 7 months ago) started following a super successful business man and social media guru by the name of Gary Vaynerchuk ( who fast became a huge (number 1) influence on how I look at business and marketing. The guy is a machine and he literally provides advice through multiple social media channels including an amazing youtube channel for FREE! Yes FREE! If you’re in business and online marketing, you need to be following and watching the #askgaryveeshow ( because the learning you receive, you could pay thousands for anywhere else.

Gary is a firm believer that if you’re a true entrepreneur, you physically can’t work for someone else. When I first heard him say this it upset me and I couldn’t help but think “well, I guess I’m screwed” as I have spent the last 14 years as an employee and the last 10 years as an employee in the same industry as my start up.

It got me thinking, and as much as Gary is right, he’s also wrong, and here is why. Gary knows only what he knows, and that’s simply from his own experience, so as much as I agree with what he says, I also believe that it’s not the only way. For the longest time I have yearned to run my own company, but I never had the right idea or the right time, so I thought the next best thing was to work and get experience. In my eyes, I am a step ahead because I can now use my “ground up” industry experience to communicate to my clients and users and build a platform that will truly add value to the call centre community. I have been on the frontline and I know what the industry needs, now, we just need to build it!

Let me know your take on the matter, I am sure interested to hear it.


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Originally published at on April 8, 2016.