One person’s history of Twitter, from beginning to end
Mike Monteiro

Since I started on Twitter, I have been filling my feed with scientists and artists. I learn everyday, and make new connections.

And one of the things you continue to learn is that both art and science are affected by, and products of culture, as much as they also drive it. So when hope and optimism were bursting forth upon Obama’s election, you saw it reflected in the tweets of artists and scientists. When Trump threatens…well, anyone or even everyone with his tweets, you see the anxiety and anger in artists and scientists too.

Trump and the white supremacist trolls have tied up every sub culture and conversation.

Terrific piece, Mike. Makes me realize I still cling to those days of learning and social chatter, because I’m a straight white dude and have the privilege of not being attacked in a sustained way. I need to do better.

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