A simple thank you

How hard is it to thank a person? How hard it is to tell someone that he/she made a (small) difference in your life? To look into someone else's eyes and say the words “Thank you”. Or try to do it in the digital world through different electronic communication protocols and devices.

For me it is hard. In real and digital world. I’ve been learning to thank people in real life for a few years now. And in digital the same learning has been ongoing for the past year. By learning I actually mean re-learning because when I wash much younger I knew how to do it. I knew hot to thank people. And I did it. Naturally, out of habit and without thinking. And (hopefully) every time someone gave me something or helped me.

It’s not that I’m impolite or don’t care. I used to think it’s because I don’t have time to thank people in this fast paced world. I need to hurry up so I’ll be on time to hurry up again. And I think people know already that I’m grateful for their help.

They don’t.

I’d like to think I had some great moment when I realised the meaning of thanking people. But no. I think it just crawled inside me because of all the bad things happening around the world. And the bad things happening in my industry (web design). Or it might be that one moment I helped my nephew and he forgot to thank me. Maybe it’s because I’m teaching my children to say thank you after they are being helped and I’m not doing the same. How can I expect them to thank people when I’m not showing them an example. Or it could be the moment someone thanked me and I felt good. I hope it’s all of those.

My re-learning process so far has been hard. It is hard to stop and look at someone in the eyes and say “Thank you”. It’s hard when that someone doesn’t look back. It’s like not thanking has become the norm.

In the digital world a simple thank you is even harder. Why would I clutter someone else’s email box or Twitter stream (or whatever digital channel) with content that has no greater meaning. But actually it has a meaning. It’s much more than just two words. It’s an expression of gratitude towards the person who helped you to in the situation.

Hopefully he/she who gets those two words will have just a bit better day.

Thank You for reading this.

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