The Challenge of Conservative Media
Jonathan Schreiber

As a person who listened to Glenn since before the days of Fusion, and one who rarely listens now, I have to disagree with you on one point: The Blaze was not a failure. We both agree it wasn’t a success. However, I felt it failed from the start except in one facet: comments. Comments (thereby clicks) masked what was wrong with The Blaze, which provided its audience with the aggregator-type of stories that were sure to prompt comments. Lacking was any semblance of investigative reporting into issues that conservatives would be interested in.

Having founded a now-defunct daily newspaper, and having managed daily and weekly newspapers and radio stations’ news departments, I have to say The Blaze didn’t seem to have a focus. I could go to Yahoo News (which I despise) and find many of the same stories. All that was different were the comments: Blaze versus Yahoo.

I’m not saying The Blaze didn’t have exclusives or successes; what I’m saying is that overall, from the eye of a longtime journalist, editor and publisher, The Blaze failed me as a reader, and I soon deleted it from my bookmarks, only to revisit it on occasion.

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