TAO of the BBQ Roast Pork

Life has its ups and downs and as the summer begins a slow unwind at the beginning of August, a melancholy often associated with the autumn air can make an early appearance. This feeling or mood can be a byproduct of the dusk of waning longer days or the disappointments pondered during the still short nights. It is a feeling I’m too familiar with, an emotion that knows me by my first name. But today at a treat of a lunch outing from my sister as part of an early birthday celebration, we visited a nondescript but popular Chinatown eatery endowed by many bonafide foodies with authentic praise. My order was a combination of BBQ Roast Pork and BBQ Roast Chicken, and while the chicken was okay, the BBQ Roast Pork was a dancing delicious attack on my taste buds, and with every savory bite a sprinkle of genuine delight touched my soul. Now it may be hyperbole or just outright ridiculous to speak of a simple meal that way, but we live in ridiculous times and I proudly claim my right to partake in our new national pastime. Now back to food, it was tender, it was sweet, but most importantly is was a simple reminder to me that moments of joy are always available if we’re ready to accept them. If this sounds too new agey or silly to you, I suggest you try the BBQ Roast Pork at Great NY Noodletown, then talk to me.

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