RecTech — the new ‘Tech’?

The technology evolution happening in the recruitment industry

Glenn Martin
Jan 19, 2017 · 3 min read

Type into Google ‘rectech’ and the first and second results are both a very reputable company called RecTech that boasts ‘quality refurbished computers’; a good honest business (*Disclaimer: other browsers may differ). Of specific interest to me is the third option, ‘RecTech 2017’ that’s taking place in Barcelona in May; it boasts to be the only EU conference “designed specifically for the senior executives of digital media companies and publishers, job boards, online classified advertising publications, ad buying platforms and networks, aggregators, social media sites and other technology-based talent acquisition solutions companies”.

What RechTech 2017 does illustrate is the rapid development of online talent acquisition solutions from large-scale Global players like Oracle to disruptive propositions such as TalentRocket. The scale of the RecTech industry is furthermore evident in the premium event for ‘recruitment futurists’ — Sourcecon. Hosted in the US in March this year, this event brings together enterprise business talent acquisition specialists from Fidelity Investments, Randstad, Walmart, Lockheed Martin, Microsoft, Manpower and Indeed; alongside disruptive innovators such as Katerina Collier — you will know her here in the UK as The Searchologist (

Topics such as ‘Intro to Machine Learning — A Force that is Shaping the Future of Recruiting, AI in Search: How Semantic Search Changes Sourcing and How to Ensure You Survive the Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Disruption provide a clear indication of where the majority of practitioners at the forefront of the industry think it’s heading in the very near future.

Add to this the rise of chatbot utilisation and conversational interfaces and the landscape of talent acquisition and recruitment starts to look very different.

If you’re behind the curve a little on chatbot’s, check out the following in Facebook Messenger;

  • Job Bot
  • Qwazou
  • GOJobs Bot
  • Outbrain Chatbot
  • Job Pal
  • SimBot

; to caveat, the experience of engaging with some of these Bots may be like talking to a 5-year old sibling (*they’re still learning); one employs a hybrid human-bot combination and one is far more advanced. Essentially, they are not at a recognised level that would allow them to be classed as ANI; however, the potential is clearly illustrated. If you disagree, I welcome healthy, respectful feedback.

In short, RecTech is a growing market in terms of innovation and new propositions and should be a recognised ‘Tech’.


RecTech, Barcelona 2017 —

Sourcecon, Anaheim CA, USA —

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