Do Not Fund Us!

In a society that is experiencing a massive wave of technological revolutions, I am asking that you DO NOT fund our Fitbit project. Our desired goal of purchasing Fitbits for all staff and students in a middle school building is a complete waste of time. To allow staff and students to have the ability to record and analyze their own health data, to improve their lives, is completely unnecessary in the current state of traditional public school education, which main focus is scores. Personal Fitbit data would cause distractions to the traditional, approved curriculum being implemented in health, science, math, and other courses. Why should a student and/or staff member use their personal data to analyze their heart rate, calorie loss, milage per day, sleep patterns, and much more, when they should be using the outdated textbooks and posters that have been approved by state standards, that will be on a state standardized test? Why should staff waste precious teaching time constructing physical and mental health improvement plans based on personal health data? Why should they create worthless school wide competitions to not only improve their overall health, but also improve the morale of the school building, when they should be teaching towards the standardized test? There is no benefit in purchasing Fitbits for all, because ultimately it’s about student scores, teachers’ scores, and the school’s score. No one will see the benefit of using Fitbits to improve overall health, because test scores produce job opportunities, not relevant, critical thinking skills to better the lives of yourself and/or others.

As a principal that knows a thing or two about technology in schools, I see no use in asking for $50,000 dollars for this program, when our school should be focused on using our expensive textbooks that we purchased several years ago. Forty minute physical education classes and ten minutes of recess is plenty enough time for our students to exercise and not focus their well-being for the rest of the day, as they needed to be seated for five hours. Also why would our staff want to take a walk or meditate during a prep period, when they would rather attend various meetings, that might not pertain to them? I am pretty sure that recent studies suggesting that “sitting is the new smoking” are wrong, and school leaders shouldn’t worry about all the “seat time” as we have a duty to outperform the schools in the surrounding areas, and state. Why should we focus on collaborating student and staff health data with local medical universities, who might be willing to assist in bettering the lives of all? School leaders have academic integrity’s to focus on, as higher test scores, result in better school scores, which leads to better student/staff success throughout life.

Allowing any type of personal smart device is a complete distraction to the educational classroom, and provides no value to learning. We have an obligation to prepare students in the same desks, rules, and methodologies, that we were privileged to when we were in school. Our students and staff deserve an educational system that focuses on grades, test scores, lectures, note taking, non-critical thinking skills, and obedience training procedures. Thank you for not funding our Fitbit project, as student and staff scores, are far more important than their mental and physical health.

Thank you for reading this sarcastic stance, as I struggle to find individuals/companies that are willing to donate towards this project for student and staff overall health. It is such a frustration, as a principal that we focus so much on professional sports stars’ health (sport science), that we should be focusing on our real stars- our students and the staff that educate them. How much longer should we ignore the overall wellbeing of individuals? Living in a techonically advanced world, we owe it to ourselves to improve the lives of others.