Double Dog Dare You!

*Disclaimer: Reading this is not for the faint of heart…I am not remotely close to “distinguish, perfect, or all knowing.” I haven’t written a book. I don’t have an “EduCeleb” number of followers on social media. I don’t stretch the truth in blogs and/or speaking engagements, and I don’t claim to be a super educator by any means!

There is no anger, nor is it to insult anyone or any organization, but rather a challenge for all of us to develop deeper knowledge, understanding, and actually seeing all these “bright shiny buzzwords and/or tools” in action.

Remember this quote the next time you’re about to buy into someone or something.

We have become so obsessed with “swiping, liking, heart, retweeting, and BELIEVING EVERYONE in our PLC (Professional Learning Network) or social media.” We instantly believe in the “new shiny buzzwords and/or tools” that we fail to look at the deeper context; are these educators, consultants, educelebs, or egotistical educators actually “doing what they claim on a daily/year basis?”

I fish, I cook, I parent, I do a lot of things, yet you don’t see me telling you how to do it. Why, because as my father used to say, “You can’t BS a BSer!”

The next time you read a blog, a book, listen to a podcast, or listen to a keynote speaker, I double dog dare you to ask, “can I come visit your school this upcoming September?”

Yes! Ask them if you can visit and see if the staff, students, and school are really doing what has been said.


Because there are so many Future Ready — 21st Century — Life Long Learner — Design Thinking geniuses out there!

*Note the sarcasm*

Don’t get me wrong, there are so many incredible people that I know who bring it, do it, and live it each day for their students. Their students and/or staff preach it and breath it without hesitation. As many great friends of mine say, “They do it for kids, teachers, and cultures, not titles, money, buzzwords or plain talk.”

However, there are the others:

  • People that read a book or two, don’t actually do it in their classrooms/schools, and claim to be experts.
  • Been to ONE workshop/conference and are now consulting for other districts.
  • They did something ONE time, regardless of how many years ago it was, and claim to do it all the time.
  • People who haven’t worked in schools, with students and staff, on a daily basis in years, yet know what works best.
  • Lastly, and perhaps the biggest, there are so many people that have much better penmanship then actual implementation skills.

These are the ones that found ways to make a small buck, and ignore the real reasons why they got into education, which is, improving the lives of children!

I Double Dog Dare You to seek the truth in asking to visit them.

Why, because your students, staff, and school deserve truthful, best practices, not fabrications.




Proud Superintendent of Tabernacle School District. NASSP Nat'l Digital Principal of the Year.Former Blog:

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Glenn Robbins

Glenn Robbins

Proud Superintendent of Tabernacle School District. NASSP Nat'l Digital Principal of the Year.Former Blog:

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