Roy Sebag Response to Peter Schiff’s Questions About BitGold
Roy Sebag

I’m glad you had a response to Peter Schiff, I have followed Peter for several years, and appreciate his newsletter and advice. You can imagine my dismay when I read his article on BitGold. Having opened a BitGold account in September I was an early entrant into your company, and began to immediately second guess my choice of participating in the BitGold platform. Your article reassured me that my choice was the right one. While I own physical gold and silver at home and in an IRA, I choose to diversify out of the country. I also have a physical account with GoldMoney that I opened several years ago that contains physical gold and silver. I have a prepaid card with BitGold which I haven’t used yet but I think I will try it out to see how it works and what charges I will incur. I also have a monthly ACH deposit going into the BitGold platform because I believe in savings. I only wish you had silver as a choice also. Thanks again for re-instilling my faith in the BitGold platform.


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