GameHut Channel on Youtube Offers Wealth of Info on SEGA Genesis Game Programming

This is just a very quick shout out to a Youtube channel I discovered today that has some excellent videos from a former Travellers Tales (now Tt Games) employee. Calling himself GameHut, I was drawn to his videos after watching how they cut Sonic 3-D Blast into two pieces so that it could be downloaded from SEGA’s early internet service Seganet onto a Genesis. Then, straight after, I saw another video explaining how wiggling the full Sonic 3-D cartridge on a live console activated the level select, thanks to some ingenius debugging code.
 The beauty of the videos is, even though it jumps into the deep end of code in some places, he explains everything in a way just about anyone who has turned a computer on can understand.
 Even though it is at a much lower level than what I am learning at the moment, it was still interesting to see what is actually being done at a lower level. Also, thanks to this video explaining how 3-D was achieved on a beta Toy Story 3-D stage, I now have a much better understanding of how they created the illusion of 3-D on a Genesis (as well as how games like Wolfenstein achieve this).

EDIT: Posted wrong Toy Story video (although it’s still very interesting, so I’ll leave the wrong link up still underneath this)

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