Why I’m Meeting with President Trump
Steve Case

Steve, before you created AOL, IBM bought ROLM and I went independent to start my second high tech venture, my first in Silicon Valley. It was successful and became the worlds largest hospitality telecom device design-manufacturer and sales firm. As CEO & CFO, I had the distinct personal pleasure of refusing credit to Mr. Trump for my telephones at the NY Plaza Hotel which he wanted financed through the Taj Mahal in Atlantic City…those who did so lost all in its bankruptcy! You are reading the words of one person who said “No” to a … and won. He knew full well, as I did, that his win would mean my loss. I do not have any respect for so-called “businessmen” who ruin the name-image of real business entrepreneurs and seasoned real-honest-fair-ethical business people. I agree with Thomas and Mary, responders, and suggest you would be well advised to meet them as they are still pushing the rope uphill. Me, I have started thirteen companies…I’m done. The likes of Trump, McConnell and Ryan can burn in…just kidding, they don’t believe in man-made climate change. Anyway, I understand your rationale in the subject regards and wish you well, provided, that you and same-same colleagues point-blank refuse to play games or tolerate an iota of Classic Trump BS. From my one related experience: as an Apprentice, (not a real businessman) such is the only mode he can comprehend.