So, What Can I Do?
Jonathan Foley

Some people have — quite rightly — challenged this article, saying that some of the steps are hard to do for students and renters, and may be out of reach for people in a very tight budget.

Of course, they’re right. And I hope people look for the ones they can do, without financial hardship. Many are cheaper than you think, and pay for themselves in a few months or a year. Like a low-flow shower head (maybe $10–20), a little weatherstripping or caulk (maybe $20), and a programmable thermostat (basic ones can cost $50, or less with a coupon from your utility). In the meantime, you can manually turn down the heat at night, or when you go to work.

Naturally, other things are more expensive, like new(er) appliances, a new toilet, or a new(er) car. Only do that when it makes sense for you (or your landlord) financially. This doesn’t have to all be done immediately.

Thanks for the feedback. Appreciate it.

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