An Open Letter To My CEO
talia jane


Read the post. She did go to college — just not an MBA or PhD. This is not a 17 yr. old flunky who can’t get anything more than a dead-end lo-paying job. This is a girl trying to build a career in a society totally run a muck. And, I think the point of her article wasn’t able to pay her bills with the ‘salary’ that she was being paid. I came up with the same idea for a business model as in 2006. (Bcse. of corruption in Spanish courts and an intl. divorce and domestic violence case still struggling to get company up and running — see and

Anyway, while in the past decade has demonstrated that these models can generate revenues in the $100s of millions (and $1.7B in case of, Yelp spends too much on R&D and Marketing & Sales , , , to be profitable.

That is one reason Yelp employees are paid so little. There is a problem with the fundamentals of application of the local-search directory business model — one of which they are concentrated on catering to the hedonistic entertainment industries of our societies, rather than social conscious business who fulfill the needs of their consumers instead of trying to create needs and wants.

One of the reasons for the “faulty” business-model is that it was built Jeremy Stoppelman caught the flu and had the networks amongst the CV to build the platform and create company. And, since there were fundamental problems in the market research for building the model — if market research was done to begin with(?) — Yelp’s model continues to produce profits.

This is the real reason Talia Jane got fired. She hit a nerve with Jeremy Stoppelman, and instead of assuming responsibility for fundamental issues he is failing to address in the structure and management of the company, he got angry and fired her (maybe not directly), but he is approving of her firing by letting it stand. I also believe Mr. Stoppelman once fired an employee in a meeting with employees that was caught on tape, and Mr. Stoppelman was an embarrassment to himself and

When the people at the top are losing control, you know there is no control!