With More Blended Live Courses, Global Knowledge Takes Learning Capabilities to the Next Level

Global Knowledge
Jan 10, 2019 · 3 min read

By Kevin Pawsey, CIO, Global Knowledge

Historically, a majority of Global Knowledge IT training courses have been delivered by an instructor in a physical classroom with students traveling to a designated location. In the last few years, more IT professionals have shifted their preference to the virtual classroom, where students can join an instructor-led classroom online from their home or work computer. This provides additional flexibility — training without traveling saves time and money. And for decision-makers, this means less time out of the office for their employees.

Classroom learning is a proven learning methodology, particularly for highly complex areas like IT, where instant access to an instructor is vital. Real-time answers and assistance keep students engaged and help them translate their new knowledge directly to their job.

Global Knowledge has also recently experienced an increase in requests for on-demand delivery. The ability for students to learn at their own pace is a growing requirement for IT professionals who have few openings in their schedules. On-demand provides maximum flexibility, as your course is available 24 hours a day.

Some of the challenges of self-paced training is engagement, motivation and collaboration. It’s a great delivery model for those who have time blocked off and are incredibly disciplined. But it can be an isolated experience, as professional and personal activities can restrict progress. Emails, phone calls and meetings often distract from the learning experience.

The best of instructor-led and on-demand learning

With distinct advantages from each delivery method, Global Knowledge recently launched a new learning model that combines the best of classroom and on-demand — Blended Live.

Blended learning is not “new.” In fact, higher education institutions have been using it for years. What Global Knowledge has done to differentiate itself is develop a blended learning model specifically to meet the needs of the IT industry. Built on a foundation of instructor-led training, Blended Live requires the physical presence of both instructor and student while incorporating online elements that allow the student to control the time, place, and pace of learning. It is an exciting growth opportunity in the training industry as it offers better learning experiences with less disruption to your professional and personal life.

We understand that not all learning is best done in the classroom, virtually or on-demand. We all have different learning preferences. I believe Global Knowledge has developed a blended learning experience that works for every IT professional and will resonate with many in the corporate world, too. Quite simply, it’s a better learning experience. This is what the future of IT training looks like.

An expanding Blended Live portfolio

In October, we started delivering the first three Blended Live courses: Interconnecting Cisco Networking Devices Part 1, Cybersecurity Foundations, and Architecting Microsoft Azure Solutions. These are among our most popular courses and provided students the opportunity to experience our Blended Live format.

We recently expanded our Blended Live portfolio to include 15 technology courses. Covering in-demand topics and technologies like Cisco, Microsoft, Networking, and Cybersecurity, we can address many of your training needs.


As we collect feedback and build expertise in blended delivery, we will be rolling out an extensive and dynamic portfolio of courses throughout 2019 that I believe will completely redefine Global Knowledge. It will be fascinating to see how the Blended Live portfolio develops and grows.

For more additional information about Blended Live, visit https://www.globalknowledge.com/blended.

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